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HTTP Area Codes

Area Code Image Description
201 Created: North Jersey
202 Accepted: Washington DC
203 Non-Authoritative Information: Western Connecticut
204 No Content: Manitoba
205 Reset Content: Alabama
206 Partial Content: Seattle, WA
207 Multi Status: Maine
208 Already Reported: Idaho
301 Moved Permanently: Western Maryland
302 Found: Delaware
303 See Other: Colorado
304 Not Modified: West Virginia
305 Use Proxy: Miami, FL
307 Temporary Redirect: Wyoming
308 Permanent Redirect: Western Nebraska
402 Payment Required: Eastern Nebraska
403 Forbidden: Southern Alberta
404 Not Found Atlanta, GA
405 Method Not Allowed Central Oklahoma
406 Not Acceptable Montana
407 Proxy Authentication Required Eastern Florida
408 Request Timeout California Bay Area
409 Conflict Eastern Texas
410 Gone Eastern Maryland
411   Length Required Directory Assistance
412 Precondition Failed Pittsburgh
413 Payload Length Too Large Western Massachusetts
414 Request-URI Too Long Milwaukee, WI
415 Unsupported Media Type San Francisco, CA
416   Request Range Not Satisfiable Toronto, ON
417 Expectation Failed SW Missouri
418 I am a teapot Quebec, QC
501 Not Implemented Little Rock, AR
502 Bad Gateway Louisville, KY
503 Service Unavailable Portland, OR
504 Gateway Timeout New Orleans, LA
507 Insufficient Storage Southern Minnesota
509 Bandwidth limit Exceeded Eastern Washington
Other Interesting numbers Image Description
443 HTTPS Maryland

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